Privacy Policy

Global Affiliates Ltd Oy 25.06.2018

This is the Privacy Policy in accordance with Global Affiliate Ltd Oy's EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/199). This Privacy Policy describes what personal information Global Affiliates Ltd Oy collects, how personal data is processed, for what purposes the information is used and to whom the information may be disclosed.

The Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Global Affiliates Ltd Oy. In addition to customer data, the Privacy Statement also applies to the processing of personal data of potential customers interested in Global Affiliate Ltd's services.

1. Registry information

Global Affiliates Ltd Oy
Business ID: 2581301-6

2. Purpose of the register

Personal data is processed, for example, by for the following purposes:

  • To fulfil statutory obligations, such as obligations under accounting legislation.
  • To ensure the safety of services and prevent abuse.
  • Contacting requests and subscribing to a newsletter
  • Targeted Customer Communications
  • Marketing and marketing targeting to customers and potential customers
  • Business planning and development
  • To fulfil other commitments

The processing of registered personal data is based on the contractual relationship between Global Affiliates Ltd Oy and the data subject, which is based on ordering the service provided by Global Affiliates Ltd Oy. The processing of personal data is also based on statutory obligations such as accounting obligations, patient legislation and statutory reporting obligations.

If you are only using the website for information and do not register or transmit information to us in any other way, we only collect the personal data which your browser transmits to our server.

Your personal data may be processed for additional purposes according to applicable law or agreements.

3. Data sources and processing basis of the register

The processing of personal data is based on the customer relationship, the customer's consent or the customer's order or other reasonable relationship. The information provided by the customer is provided by the register.

4. Disclosure of Information

In some cases, Global Affiliates Ltd Oy may transfer personal data to third parties if this is necessary to achieve the purpose for which the personal data has been collected.

Information may be disclosed to the authorities based on the legislation in force at any given time.

5. Principles of Registry Security

Personal data stored in the register are always treated confidentially and access is restricted to the necessary personnel. The registry and its data are on a secure server, and the electronic data transfer takes place using an encrypted and secure connection.

6. Registered Rights

The user has the option of seeing their own data stored in the system and requesting their modification, correction or deletion by contacting Global Affiliates via email. Include a proof of identity in the message. Additional identity verification may be required based on the initial documents provided. The information will be provided within 30 days of receiving a request with approved proof of identity included. For repetitive requests, Global Affiliates Ltd Oy charges the requester by hour.

7. Changes to the Privacy Statement

Global Affiliates Ltd Oy reserves the right to amend and update the Privacy Statement. The latest version of the Privacy Statement can be found at Global Affiliates Ltd Oy's website.