Don't pay for anything else than results

With performance based marketing you get extremely cost-effective advertising, as you only pay for results.

As an advertiser, employing AdsNinja means that you never pay a set fee for running your campaign – you only pay for the real customers and the sales that we connect to you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you offer, our network reaches a wide range of customers in all age-groups.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is performance based marketing on the internet where publishers direct potential customers to an advertisers website. This form of marketing is performance based which means the publishers only get paid when the potential customers complete a defined action on the website, making a purchase for example.

Payment per purchase, also called CPO (cost per order) is the main difference between affiliate marketing and traditional internet marketing where payment is usually based on the amount of views of an ad or the amount of visitors that have been directed to the website.

Since the CPO model means that you as the advertiser only pay a commission when someone completes a purchase this model is financially risk-free.

What is the role of AdsNinja?

AdsNinja gives the advertiser access to publishers. As an advertiser it is quite time-consuming to find good publishers and set up a working collaboration. As an affiliate network we give you immediate access to a large number of motivated and active publishers.

AdsNinjas system is also responsible for tracking clicks, sales and other events and displays statistics in real time, which is very important for both advertisers and publishers.

Our team also handles the communication between publishers and advertisers in case of any questions or issues, thus making the advertisers workload lighter. We offer our publishers on-demand support practically 24 hours a day so this is something you as the advertiser do not have to think about.

If necessary we also offer our advertisers advice on how to optimize sales via affiliate marketing. Everyone involved with AdsNinja has years of experience with both affiliate marketing and traditional marketing, which can be a valuable asset to you as an advertiser.